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birthday giveaways philippines

Of Family, Of Long-Life Noodles, Of Love, and yes, Of Gifts! Birthdays in the Philippines are actually a big deal. Unlike most cultures, where birthday is just a party day, for Filipinos, it’s a day to celebrate the Self, the Soul of oneself. Filipinos like to celebrate the smallest of life’s moments and when the question is of birthday, there’s going to be a grand celebration, but obvious. So, if you’re invited at a birthday party in the Philippines and you’re not sure what to buy, these birthday giveaways Philippines gift ideas will help you out for sure.

Birthday Giveaways Philippines

It’s always a gracious gesture to adore the birthday person and their family with gifts so that after the party when they hand over you Pabaon, the party souvenir, you have a return gift for them. Choosing a birthday gift is a tough task to do, we understand. So, here we list a few of the birthday giveaways Philippines ideas which you can choose from. Cheers!

1. Customized Jewelry

Be it a man or a woman, everyone loves to accentuate their physical beauty and if that comes with a token of companionship, what’s better than that. If your loved one’s birthday is approaching, personalized jewelry can be a great birthday gift idea in the Philippines. This can include engraved bracelets, name embossed necklaces, rings & finger bands or heart pendants with photographs. And if you have a little bigger pocket, you can go for silver or gold filled pendants.

Many gift shops in the Philippines provide customized jewelry. Of them, some of which you can refer to are Istorya Creations, Tessera By PAF, Ash & Muff and Pulseras By Kim. You can also explore jewelry items from online shopping sites in Philippines.

2. Stationary & Storybooks

Filipino kids love stories. And which Philippine-born person hasn’t heard ‘The Tale Of Pina’ and “The Termite Queen” in his childhood. So, if you have been invited for a kid’s birthday party in the Philippines, you can gift along many of these folk tale books, if not the entire Harry Potter collection. Even more so, you can gift custom stationery items like clipboards, colored ink pens, butter paper notebooks and like that.

For this, you can visit the Popular Book Store in Quezon City or simply order online at National Book Store.

3. Custom Mementos

Filipinos love families. So does your friend. Their big day would be made bigger if you would carry gifts for their families alongside them. To their family, you can gift personalized mementos, photo frames or message plaques. Joanna from Istorya Creations can come to your help. She provides a lot of customized decorative items with a niche of storytelling. Or you can get a story book developed by “Look It’s About Me” Store. For photo frames, Heart Press in Cavite is also a good idea. Or, if you are an avid traveler, bring some exotic specialties for your friend’s family on his birthday. So, if you’re looking for a personalized birthday giveaways Philippines, then custom mementos is a way to go.

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4. The 18-Item Pack

Debut, or the 18th birthday is the key celebration for any Filipino girl that she remembers throughout her life. If any of your cousins, sisters or friends is approaching her debut, gift her a 18-item set that she will love. The set can include her favorite perfume from ZenZest, her favorite heels from Risque Designs, a pair of handcrafted gloves by Ash and Muff and yes, remember chocolates. Filipino girls love chocolates. Their families too. Even if you carry 18 different kinds of chocolates in the set, the girl would be delighted. Alternatively, if you have a photograph of the birthday girl, you can get a cartoon doll fabricated by “Mini Me Caricature Dolls” in SM Mall. It just takes a week at the most.

5. Bakery Packs & Treat-outs

Filipinos are inseparable from the love of food. Anyone there would always welcome confectionery pack, packed snacks or a bottle of fruit juice or whiskey (for men). And there can’t be a better birthday gift option for your Philippine friend if you can take him and his family for a treat-out or host a party for him at the beach front.

Take inspiration from these birthday giveaways Philippines gift ideas and mix-n-match them to create your own gift box for that Philippine friend of yours.

And when it comes to deciding a gift, don’t brood over your decision. Just gift it. And as Filipinos like to say, “It’s the thought that counts.”

And ah! Don’t forget to mark the gift with a note of Maligayang Bati! (Happy Birthday!)

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