Top 5 Perfume Bottle Suppliers in the Philippines

perfume bottle supplier philippines

People from the Philippines are known around the world for prioritizing personal hygiene. Filipinos make it a point that they are always clean from head to toe. It’s no wonder that personal hygiene products are among the most in-demand items in the Philippines. Of course, part of looking and staying clean is smelling fresh. That is why locals from the Philippines also can’t leave their homes without spritzing some perfume on their bodies. Filipinos know that how you smell can affect how you are perceived, so they always make sure that they smell good.

Philippines Perfume Bottle Distributors

While foreign perfume brands are popular in this Southeast Asian nation, there are also top perfume bottle suppliers in the Philippines that can compete with international brands in terms of quality. Here are the top 5 perfume bottle suppliers in the Philippines, which you should definitely consider buying when you go to this country.

1. Aficionado

Established in 2001, this company led by fragrance manufacturer Joel Cruz has emerged to be one of the top perfume bottle suppliers in the Philippines. This brand, formally known as Aficionado-Germany Perfume, currently has more than 150 outlets in the country, including major malls in the capital—and their number continues to grow. One factor for the popularity of this perfume bottle supplier in the Philippines is its long-lasting scent, which beats all other competitors.

It is said that while most local perfumes and colognes have only 2 percent to 7 percent fragrance, Aficionado gives off a 12-percent fragrance, making a small spritz capable of lasting all day long. Aside from its quality, Aficionado is also a well-known brand because it is endorsed by several celebrities, who also get to have their own signature scents.

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2. Prescripto

prescripto philippines

What can be considered as Aficionado’s main competitor as the top perfume bottle supplier in the Philippines is Prescripto. Initially conceived in 1996 as a drug wholesaler for small-scale pharmacies, the company has evolved into one of the most well-known perfume business in the Philippines. This brand of perfume is also highly visible in the country, with chic-looking outlets that can be found in major malls, going as far as the southern island of Philippines. Customers patronize this perfume brand because of their wide selection of scents, which are all easy on the pocket.

3. Zen Zest

zen zest philippines

Another popular brand which supplies perfume bottles in the Philippines is Zen Zest, but this company does not limit itself to just that. This scent company started retail operations in 2001, and is now emerging as a major fragrance empire. Its main products are sophisticated-looking yet affordable perfume bottles for both men and women. There are even specialty scents for men who love sports and are living active lifestyles, and small bottles of fragrance for women-on-the-go. Zen Zest also offers other products like home fragrances and aromatherapy oil.

4. Scents and Blends

scents and blends philippines

This company is the leading fragrance provider in Southeast Asia, and is emerging as one of the favorite top perfume bottle suppliers in the Philippines. This scent expert has become a hit in the Philippines primarily because of their fruity fragrances. It has body mist bottles with different interesting scents like apple, raspberry, melon cucumber and pear berry. This brand of perfume can also be easily bought in leading malls nationwide.

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5. Chemworld Fragrance Factory

Who says only celebrities can come up with their personal scents? This budding company that supplies perfume bottles in the Philippines enables you to do just that! While it has scents inspired by popular international fragrances, Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s unique selling point is its do-it-yourself perfumery. It also gives perfume-making seminars for those interested.In the Philippines, it’s not difficult to look good and smell good.

These top perfume bottle suppliers in the Philippines will definitely help you stay confident and smell fresh all day long. If you want to recommend a supplier, please add comments below.

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