Christmas in Philippines 2017 – Guide to 2017 Xmas in the Philippines

christmas in philippines 2017

The Philippines is known all over the world as the country which celebrates the longest Christmas season. As early as September, you will begin to see Christmas trees being set up in homes and public spaces, hear Yuletide tunes playing over the radio, and festive lights lining up thoroughfares. The Christmas spirit is palpable three months before the actual celebration.

Christmas in the Philippines is also the most festive. Children of all ages go from house to house to sing joyful Christmas carols. Colleagues at work take time and effort to plan and organize the jolliest Christmas parties — complete with quirky costumes and dance performances. Gift-giving is also almost a natural thing for Filipinos during the Christmas season, showcasing their generosity by preparing presents for everyone who matters in their lives.

Xmas in Philippines 2017

With Christmas celebrations in every corner of the country, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of places to see and events to witness during Christmas in the Philippines. But don’t fret. Here is your ultimate guide to celebrate 2017 Christmas in Philippines. This list includes the must-visit places when spending the holidays in this country.

1. Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong City

This ultimate guide to celebrate 2017 Christmas in Philippines naturally starts with this top holiday attraction in this nation’s capital. This famous street located in Mandaluyong City is converted into 150 meters of lights and joy every Yuletide season. The Christmas decorations were first put up in 1995, and have become a holiday attraction both for locals and foreigners alike during the holidays.

The most iconic attraction in this neighborhood is the House of Lights, which, as its name suggests, is covered with tantalizing Christmas lights and decorations of different colors. There’s also the House of Santa Claus, which contains a wide collection of different figurines depicting this famed Christmas figure. Make sure to include Policarpio Street in your plans for 2017 Christmas in the Philippines. The lights sparkle from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

2. Ayala Triangle in Makati City

Makati City is known as the central business district of the Philippines, so it tends to be formal and stiff throughout the year. However, come Christmas time, the urban green space at heart of this city, Ayala Triangle, lights up and delights visitors. The annual Festival of Lights in this area is a much-awaited event, with trees covered in different blinking lights that become more mesmerizing when they sparkle to the tune of some Christmas songs. It’s a perfect place to take your significant other or your friends.

The lights show runs from 6 pm to 10 pm, every 30 minutes. This should definitely be a part of every guide to celebrate 2017 Christmas in Philippines.

3. University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City

This university has earned the reputation of being the center of academic excellence and political activism in the Philippines, but it also become the center of creativity during the Yuletide season. Students create fascinating lanterns and parade them on the university grounds a few days before Christmas. Stay until the end of the parade and you will also witness a beautiful fireworks display. Mark your calendars for of activities for Christmas in the Philippines 2017, because the Lantern Parade is happening on December 15.

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4. San Fernando, Pampanga Province

If you want to get out of the capital and witness the countryside flavor for Christmas in the Philippines 2017, this are just a few hours north of Manila is the perfect spot. Before Christmas, giant lanterns light up in the streets of this city known for being the home of locals who have excellent lantern-making skills. The lanterns become more modern and intricate in the annual Giant Lantern Festival, showcasing different colors and ways to decorate this Christmas icon.

The festival is going to be held this year on December 17, so we made sure this is part of your guide to celebrate 2017 Christmas in Philippines.

5. Tarlac City in Tarlac Province

Another great place outside Metro Manila if you are spending Christmas in the Philippines 2017 is Tarlac. This city hosts the annual Belenismo Festival, where locals put on display different interpretations of the Nativity scene. Prepare to be amazed by the colorful and creative displays, made even more charming by lights. This should definitely be parts of your plans for 2017 Christmas in the Philippines.

This guide to celebrate 2017 Christmas in Philippines is just a short sample of what you can experience when you celebrate the Yuletide season in this joyful country. What are you waiting for? Begin checking out these places and make your Christmas in the Philippines 2017 a truly meaningful one.

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