Top 5 Swimming Pool Builders in Philippines & Requirements

swimming pool builders in philippines

What’s more soothing than a refreshing dip in your swimming pool, especially if you reside in the hot and humid city of Philippines? Philippines is a city surrounded by heavy rainforests that gives a jump to its humidity. This is quite evident of oily skins, sun burns and heavy head. To a relief, there are a number of swimming pool builders in Philippines through whom you can get your very own pool constructed in your backyard at an affordable budget.

In Philippines, swimming pools are mostly constructed by ‘dry pack method’. This method employs layering dry concrete one above the other in clockwise or anticlockwise direction until the pool is completed. This prevents any leakage, irrespective of the size of the pool.

So, we just explored the pool building industry in Philippines and here we mention the Top 5 Swimming pool builders there. But before we get to the list, here is a quick checklist of the requirements of swimming pool construction. To get to the list directly, scroll down to bottom.

Prerequisites of Building a Swimming Pool in Philippines

Below are the per-requisites and requirement for building a swimming pool in the Philippines.

1. Property Permissions

In order to utilise a portion of your property to build a swimming pool, you must have property permits and construction bonds secured with you. If you don’t have any, you can get the written permissions from the authorized community. In Philippines, you can take permissions from the barangay of your area. It costs around PHP 5k to 10k. The type of permit depends on whether the pool to be constructed is for private or public use.

2. Dimensions & Framework

The specifications of the pool to be built depend on the size of land or the area, however, it is always suitable to prepare a plot plan in advance before contacting the builders. Water supply, drainage & disposal system, fence lines and side walkaways are some of the factors that can be pre-planned.

3. Pool Water Treatment

It is to be clarified as in for how much time and at what rate the water is to be supplied and emptied from the pool.

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Top 5 Swimming Pool Builders in Philippines

Once you are done with the planning of above factors, you are now ready to approach a good swimming pool builder. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 swimming pool builders in Philippines.

1. Rhianna Swimming Pool Builders

Rhianna Swimming Pool Builders

RSPB is a trusted name in swimming pool engineering and construction in Philippines since 1989. Along with providing a state-of-the-art design, they ensure the safety of the pool constructed. Their tie-up with manufacturers of Mariwasa Tiles and Mosaic tiles enable them to produce a new innovation in their new contract and hence add their name in the leading swimming pool contractors in entire Philippines.

Their services include swimming pool construction, repair, design, plumbing, waterfalls, grotto and more. Apart from these services, they are also into creative pool products like underwater lights, spa blower and many such interesting ones. Visit their website for more information.

Address: Block 1 Lot 6, E Rodriguez Avenue, Barangay Moonwalk, Parañaque, Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 928 968 8093

2. A & T Swimming Pool Specialist

A & T Swimming Pool Specialist

Ever wondered who’s behind the construction of Singapore’s world class Marina Bay pool? Well, you will now. A & T are the builders of many of the famous pools and resorts including Hanging Gardens in Ubud Hotel and the graceful San Alfonso del Mar in Chile.

Their expertise lies in detailing of the eye. Be it the sand filter size, piping or plumbing, their engineers pay attention to every single layer in the construction of the pool. A & T provide a wide variety of pools to choose from viz. skimmer pool, infinity pool, deck level pool, lap pool, scuba diving pool, perimeter overflow pool and which not. Visit their website for more information about their services.

Address: Unit C Blk 26 Lot 13 James St., Better Living Subd. Annex 35, Parañaque, Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 935 127 8474

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3. Pool Boy Swimming Pools

Pool Boy Swimming Pools

Headquartered in Commercial Center, Makati City since 1988, Pool Boy Swimming Pools features a team of experienced construction engineers who have constructed a good big number of pools in the Metro Manila, Boracay, Bicol, La Union and many cities in Philippines. Some of their most prominent clients are Mr. Larsen, SM Homes, Harrison Condominiums and hundreds such.

They also offer swimming pool equipment with installation services. So, if you are looking for great services at an affordable cost, Pool Boy is best suited for your requirement. Visit their website for more information.

Address: Unit I, Marisan Arcade, 2943 South Superhighway corner General Gregorio Del Pilar Street, Makati City
Phone: (046) 571 4731

4. F-Six Swimming Pool Builders

F-six swimming pool builders

F-Six ensures that every time, when your swimming pool needs maintenance, you don’t have to hassle for fixing it up. F-Six offers a complete swimming pool care package from design to construction to re-modelling, repair and maintenance.

To call them for a free site visit, simply dial the number mentioned below and they’ll be at your doorstep. You can also visit their website for more information.

Address: #27 unit, 2-A Dona Pilar Aguirre Avenue Pilar Village, Las Piñas, Philippines
Phone: (02) 515-9301

5. Jalkcaa Pools

Jalkcaa Pools

Spanning two decades in the industry, Jalkcaa is the provider of one of the best quality swimming pool building services in Philippines. Their long list of awards and honours including the 2013 Hall of Fame Award and Global Excellence Management Award for Most Trusted Swimming Pool Builder in Metro Cebu is self evident of their reliability and expertise.

Also, with Jalkcaa Pools, you can now also customise your construction with artificial pool, landscape, hardscape, Jacuzzi or ironwork services. You can checkout their website for more information on their services.

Address: Door#1, 2nd floor M. Tiongko Bldg.NorthRoad Jagobiao, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (+63) 927-3583587

So, if you have been dreaming long to have your own waterpark in the backyard, wait no more. Choose from our list of the best swimming pool builders in Philippines and give it a go. If you just want to have fun with temporary swimming pool, you can browse Intex swimming pool products from these online shopping sites in Philippines.

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