Best Christmas Gifts to Buy in the Philippines for Big Xmas Day

Christmas Gift Philippines

All around the world, Christmas is considered to be a season of giving. There is nothing more joyful than buying, wrapping and giving gifts to people who matter to us. The smiles on their faces once they receive the gifts we specially picked for them is simply priceless. In the Philippines, the generosity shown during Christmastime is taken up a notch. Filipinos, already hospitable and warm people, become extra giving during this season of joy. They take the effort to plan and shop for Christmas gift Philippines as early as September so that all their loved ones will get presents. It is also not uncommon for Filipinos to have exchange gifts as part of their Christmas events.

Gifts to Buy on the Christmas Day

Ever wonder what to get as Xmas presents when you’re in the Philippines? Here are some ideas for the best Christmas gift in Philippines to buy:

1. Quality Philippine Jewelry

philippine jewelry

Want to impress your wife, girlfriend or your mom? The best Christmas gift to buy in the Philippines is a quality piece of pearl jewelry. Their eyes will definitely sparkle if you give them beautiful pearl necklaces or earrings, sourced from the rich waters of the Philippines. Philippine pearls are considered to be the most impressive in the world, and pieces of jewelry made from these are good investments since they are very durable.

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2. Philippine Local Liquor

philippine local liquor

For your husband, father or brother, the best Christmas gift to buy in the Philippines is local liquor. Because of the country’s wide range of tropical agricultural products, liquor makers in the Philippines have also come up with unique and exciting alcoholic beverages. Pour some strong tropical flavors for the festive holidays by giving the most important men in your life with Philippine liquor made from coconut such as “tuba” and “lambanog.” Strawberry wine from the cool plateau of Baguio City is meanwhile perfect for those who want some light drinks.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, buy some vodka-based drink made from calamansi or tropical lime. Of course, you can also never go wrong the classic and popular San Miguel beer.

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3. Philippine Clothes and Fabric

philippine clothes and fabric

If you know a fashionista who wants to give an Asian touch to his or her outfits, then Philippine clothes is one of the best gifts to buy in the Philippines for Christmas. The barong Tagalog—a formal wear made from pineapple fiber—is gaining more and more attention around the world, due to its interesting designs and the comfort it brings when you’re wearing it. For the ladies, there are a lot of intricately woven fabrics from different regions in the Philippines that are turned into scarves, skirts and even tops with ethnic touches.

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4. Philippine Bags and other Handicraft

philippine bags and other handicraft

Also among the best Christmas gift in Philippines to buy are local bags and other handicraft. Philippine native bags are very durable, mostly made from woven leaves or fibers. If you’re looking for display pieces, there are a lot of other Philippine handicraft, mostly made from wood, from which you can choose from. Wooden picture frames, ash trays and ethnic statues will surely liven up the houses of your loved ones. Here is our guide for the Best Philippines Souvenirs.

5. Philippine Sweets

philippine sweets

What’s Christmas without sweet treats, especially for the young ones. For kids and the kids-at-heart, local sweets are among the best Xmas gift in Philippines to buy. Wrap up and share some tropical goodness by giving your loved ones the famous dried mangoes and banana chips from the Philippines. For chocolate lovers, you can share the dark variety made from special cocoa from the southern city of Davao. Another Philippine classic that you can share to your friends and family members with sweet tooth is the “chocnut,” which is a powdery treat that tastes like peanuts.

These best Christmas gift Philippines to buy are all affordable, readily available and durable. With so much to choose from, these proudly Philippine-made gifts will surely make the most important people in your life feel loved.

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