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  • handicrafts in the philippines by region

    Here Are the Best Handicrafts in the Philippines By Region

    When it comes to natural resources, the Philippines is a leader across the globe. Owing to its great location near the equator and surrounded by bodies of water, this archipelago has all sorts of riches from land, air and sea. These natural resources serve as great raw materials for different products, including handicrafts in the […] More

  • summer jobs for college students in the Philippines

    Top 10 Summer Jobs for College Students in the Philippines

    For most people in the Philippines, the season of summer is all about taking vacations. Most go to the beach, take trips out of town or out of the country. It’s also a time for students to relax and be lazy at home, after months of toiling at school. Some, however, choose to use their […] More

  • things to buy in philippines
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    Top 10 Must Things to Buy in the Philippines on Your Trip

    The Philippines is a country rich in natural resources. Its land and water forms, aside from being picturesque, are also good sources of raw materials like fruits, wood, fibers for clothing and marine resources. Aside from these gifts from nature, this Southeast Asian nation also has a wealth of its most important resources: its creative, […] More

  • Small Business in the Philippines

    How to Start a Successful Small Business in the Philippines

    Are you getting tired of being a corporate slave? Do your days at the office feel like a boring routine? Do you wish you can change your situation but still earn money? do you want to start a successful small business in the Philippines? You definitely can, and that’s by being your own boss. Instead of […] More

  • business ideas in philippines

    10 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines with Small Capital

    The Philippines has seen stellar economic growth in recent years. Last year, this Southeast Asian country that has long lagged behind its neighbors posted the fastest economic growth in China, growing even faster than bigger economies like China and Vietnam.The Philippines has seen stellar economic growth in recent years. Last year, this Southeast Asian country […] More

  • backpackers philippines

    Backpackers Philippines – Your Complete Backpacking Guide to Philippines

    So, finally you’re ready to leave your office cubicle and wander in the islands of the Philippines. Well, wandering is a great thing unless you’re in a familiar place. It’s okay that Filipinos are great hosts, kind and helpful and all; but what if they don’t understand what you ask. Of course, most of them […] More

  • getting married in the philippines with a foreigner

    Getting Married in the Philippines with a Foreigner – Happily Ever After

    Love knows no color and no boundaries. Sometimes, the person who we choose to spend our whole life with may come from another race or country. Getting married in the Philippines with a foreigner is no longer an unusual thing and is already highly acceptable due to the Filipinos’ welcoming attitude towards other nationalities. The […] More

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    10 Most Expensive Celebrity Houses & Mansions in the Philippines

    The Philippines is a great place to live in. With its tropical climate, rich natural resources and jovial people, it is ideal for those who want a sanctuary, either on vacation or after retirement. It is no wonder, therefore, that prominent people, particularly television and movie personalities, are investing their money to build or buy […] More

  • best time to visit philippines

    Best Time to Visit Philippines for Some Sun, Sea and Smiles

    The Philippines may be a country of over 7,100 islands, but it can be summed up in three words: sun, sea and smiles. Located at the heart of Southeast Asia, this archipelago will make you feel its warmth, through its tropical weather, its crystal-clear beaches and most importantly, the hospitality of its people. The draw […] More

  • best time to visit boracay island

    Best Time to Visit Boracay Island in the Philippines

    The beach is always a fun place to go to, because it offers a lot of activities for people who want to enjoy the sun. It is a place where you can get a good tan, then take a dip in the blue waters, and even enjoy sports like beach volleyball or something more extreme […] More