Top 10 Summer Jobs for College Students in the Philippines

summer jobs for college students in the Philippines

For most people in the Philippines, the season of summer is all about taking vacations. Most go to the beach, take trips out of town or out of the country. It’s also a time for students to relax and be lazy at home, after months of toiling at school.

Some, however, choose to use their free time during summer as an opportunity to earn extra money. There are a lot of summer jobs for college students in the Philippines. It’s relatively easy to apply for these summer jobs, which just take months and use simple skills in exchange of some cash.

Summer Internships for College Students in the Philippines

Here are some summer jobs for college students in the Philippines. Most of these jobs will require the basic application process, so be ready with your updated resume and prepare for some job interviews. Others require specific skills, so you better assess if you have the know-how to do the job.

1. Restaurant Crew

People in the Philippines love eating out, so it’s no wonder that several fast food chains have sprouted in the country. The fast food chains include international brands like McDonalds and KFC, while others are home-grown such as Jollibee, Chowking and Greenwich. These fast food chains provide summer jobs for college students in the Philippines by hiring them as restaurant crew. This summer job is actually one of the most common options for those who want to earn money while school is out. You just have to apply to the restaurant or fast food branch manager with your resume in hand. Of course, having experience in the restaurant world is a plus.

2. Call Center Agent

The business process outsourcing industry is still booming in this country, and it can definitely be an option for summer jobs for college students in the Philippines. Call centers are actively seeking new agents, and this can be a good opportunity for college students seeking summer jobs in the Philippines. The application process is pretty straightforward, with some call centers even setting up hiring kiosks in malls. Once hired, new employees are trained for weeks before they are officially hired.

3. Tutor

Although school is out during the summer, some parents still make their kids study in preparation for the next grade level. If you can convince some of your neighbors to hire you for tutorial services, this can also be a good summer job for college students in the Philippines. A pay of P200 for 2 to 3 hours of tutoring is a reasonable rate. Just make sure you refresh your memory on some basic grade school lessons.

4. Freelance Writer

The Internet is rich in summer jobs for college students in the Philippines, and one option is to be a freelance writer. Websites from all around the world are looking for content producers, and if you’re patient in going through job websites, you can be hired easily. This summer job simply requires some writing skills, with some employees looking for knowledge on search engine optimization. What’s good about this job is that you can just be at home in front of the computer, and you will start earning some dollars.

5. Babysitter

Do you like kids? This is the ideal summer job for college students in the Philippines for you. Talk to your neighbors and see who among them need a hand in taking care of their kids. Once you come up with an arrangement, you can easily earn money that can be your allowance when classes resume. Be sure to have a lot of patience, because little kids, no matter how cute they are, can be very naughty.

6. Pet Sitter

If taking care of kids is not your thing, maybe you might want to try your hand at looking after pets. Some pet owners do not have time to walk their dogs or bring animals to the veterinarian, so here is an opportunity for a summer job for college students in the Philippines. You can also offer your services for those who go out of town or abroad, and who need somebody to look after their pets while they are away.

7. Computer Shop Staff

Here’s a summer job for college students in the Philippines that will hone your management skills. Computer shops are common businesses in this country, and some are looking for part-time employees who can help keep track of customers and assist them in basic computer services like printing and typing. Some computer shops even allow employees to surf the Internet and play games while on duty, so this summer job is ideal for gamers or those who like being online all the time.

8. Graphic Designer

This summer job for college students in the Philippines is perfect for those who know how to use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop. You can get paid on a per-project basis, and can be tapped for various purposes like tarpaulin and shirt design.

9. Computer Repair Person

Here’s another summer job for college students in the Philippines that require a special skill. If you know how to tinker with computer parts, this is the summer job for you. A lot of people need help in repairing basic kinks in their personal computers and laptops, and you can earn good money by providing your services to them.

10. Entrepreneur

Do you want to be your own boss? This is the summer job for college students in the Philippines for you. Be an entrepreneur and set up your own business. A food stall, for instance, is a sure hit and does not require a lot of capital. Just make sure you have the time, money and patience to manage your own money-making venture.

These are just some of the summer jobs for college students in the Philippines that can make your vacation more productive and profitable. Summer doesn’t have to mean spending money. It can also mean earning money, if you are industrious enough to find a job and excel in it.

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