Top 10 Must Things to Buy in the Philippines on Your Trip

things to buy in philippines

The Philippines is a country rich in natural resources. Its land and water forms, aside from being picturesque, are also good sources of raw materials like fruits, wood, fibers for clothing and marine resources. Aside from these gifts from nature, this Southeast Asian nation also has a wealth of its most important resources: its creative, hardworking and fun people.

What do you get when you mix the natural and human resources of the Philippines? Well, you can expect only the best and quality products from this country. It is a huge mistake to go to this wonderful country without taking a piece of it with you back home. There are a lot of things to buy in the Philippines that you should definitely consider purchasing during your visit.

Must-Buys in the Philippines

Below is a list of top 10 things to buy in the Philippines that you should definitely spend some money for when you’re in this country. This list is a good mix of food products, household items and accessories, proof that there’s always something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

1. Pearls

The Philippines has been called “The Pearl of the Orient,” and rightfully so, because its seas are rich not only with beauty, but also with marine resources. A popular item from the seas that are among the best things to buy in the Philippines is the pearl. You will be astounded by how beautiful these precious stones are in the Philippines. Pearls from this country also come in different varieties, from the pure white to the more expensive golden ones. The provinces of Palawan, Davao and other southern areas in Mindanao are best known for their precious pearls.

2. Miniature Philippine jeepney

In the Philippines, the jeepney is called the “king of the road.” These vehicles, patterned after the American military jeeps from the World War II, can be seen plying down almost every road in this country. It also serves as a showcase of Filipinos’ artistry, often adorned with different kinds of colorful accessories. Miniature versions of jeepneys are considered to be must-buy items in the Philippines because this vehicle is something that is uniquely Filipino.

3. Civet Coffee

Coffee lovers should be able to get their caffeine fix with this must-buy product from the Philippines. This kind of coffee is considered to be among the most flavorful and most coveted in the world. The beans are digested by the palm civet, locally known as “alamid,” with its digestive juices giving the coffee a unique taste and aroma. These coffee beans are available in some local organic stores, and are a bit pricey, but worth every peso.

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4. Woven Mats

Also among the things to buy in the Philippines are native mats woven from natural materials like palm leaves, sea grass or pandan. These mats usually have very vibrant colors and interesting patterns, showing once again how artistic Filipinos are. These must-buy items are locally used for sleeping, but can also be utilized to decorate walls and ceiling panels.

5. Wooden Furniture

Looking for a new piece to add to your house? You should definitely consider a piece of wooden furniture on your list of what things to buy in the Philippines. Made from only the best type of local wood, Philippine-made pieces of furniture are guaranteed to be sturdy and long-lasting. The craftsmanship of furniture makers, particularly from the provinces of Laguna and Quezon, are unmatched, with the skills passed on from generation to generation, so you’ll definitely have many good designs to choose from.

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6. Dried Mangoes

This one is definitely a popular and must-buy food items in the Philippines. This country takes pride for its sweetest mangoes, and though it’s quite difficult to bring home the actual fruit, this delicacy serves as the next best thing. Dried mangoes have the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and are healthy snack treats too. These fruit snacks are available in almost every grocery store in the country, but the cheapest ones can be found in Cebu province.

7. Abaca Bags and Baskets

These native products are also considered to be among the best things to buy in the Philippines because of their durability and beauty. Abaca, or popularly known as “Manila hemp,” is a species of banana who fibers are used to make twines and ropes. These, in turn, are transformed into different types of accessories like bags and baskets.

8. Coconut Water

Want something refreshing and natural to quench your thirst? You should definitely try some coconut water, another thing you should consider when thinking of what to buy in the Philippines. This drink that is becoming increasingly popular in Western countries is delicious and has good health benefits too. There are a lot of brands of coconut water to choose from in the Philippines, some even with real coconut meat.

9. Capiz Decorative Items

Made from the outer shell of a marine mollusk, capiz items have a unique semi-transparent and pearl-colored appearance that is prefect for decorative purposes. There are many different must-buy things in the Philippines made from capiz, from lampshades and wind chimes to entire windows.

10. Choc-Nut

Ask any Filipino what his or her favorite local sweet is and you will likely get Choc-Nut as the answer. This unique chocolate bar is a must-buy in the Philippines for its addicting mix of peanuts, milk, sugar and cocoa powder. This is the perfect giveaway for kids and people with sweet tooth back in your home country.

These are just some of the things to buy in the Philippines. There are so many local products that are worth checking out and buying in this country, and the quality of these items are definitely guaranteed.

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