Top 5 Places To Buy Filipiniana National Costumes of the Philippines

The National Costumes of the Philippines are commonly called ‘Filipiniana’.

national costume of the philippines

National costumes are of great significance for every nation. The national costumes of the Philippines are commonly called ‘Filipiniana’. The national costumes of Filipino men and women are known as ‘Barong Tagalog’ and ‘Baro at Saya’ respectively. The national costume of Filipino men is comprised of ‘Barong’ which is a worn-over, a Chinese collarless shirt called camisa de Chino. Filipino men also wear a wide-brimmed hat named ‘Salakot’, which is usually made of reeds or rattan. Filipino women wore ‘Baro’ which is the top blouse and ‘Saya’ – the skirt.

National Dress of the Philippines

In the Philippines today the national costumes are not only worn during the Fiestas, National Day Celebrations and Presidential inauguration, Event and Wedding, but people are progressively wearing them as regular everyday fashion to promote their traditional values and inspirations.

If you’re in the search of where to buy national costumes in the Philippines, We brought to you five amazing shops that offers you great variety in Philippines national costumes. Please continue reading to know more about them.

1. Tesoro’s

tesoro's philippine

Tesoro’s is the most loved brands when it comes to Filipiniana. Although famous for the Filipiniana attire like Kimonos and Patadyongs, Tesoro’s also offers a great collection of tops as well as blazers made out of pure piña and piña silk. These contemporary designs will go from the office toward formal party, and offer traditional elegance to the woman wearing it. The multi-colored and vibrant Patis Tesoro-designed clothes secure an exclusive rack in the store, each of which is absolutely worth buying.

Address: Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila, Philippines.
Phone: +63 2 887 6285

2. Kultura Filipino

kultura filipino

Kultura Filipino probably offer the largest collection of the national costume of the Philippines and also serve as a host to various local and international brands. This amazing blend of local and international craftsmanship guarantees the top quality, timeless styles and fashion. Some of the famous brands include Burda Nasyonal which specializes in offering barongs that you can wear casual every day; and also EN Barong Filipino which offer an amazing collection of formal barongs made up of piña silk, pure piña, cotton silk, silk cocoon.

Address: The North Wingf, Building B, UG, SM City Cebu, Juan Luna Avenue , 6000 Cebu City , Cebu, 6000, Philippines.
Phone: +63 32 261 1083

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3. Silk Cocoon

If you want to buy some deluxe and royal looking barongs and Barong Tagalog and Baro at Saya then opt for Silk Cocoon. Their daring designs and deluxe fabrics will not only make you dressed like Royals, but also make you feel so. Silk Cocoon is a high-end exquisite celebrity boutique and most of their garments are handmade involving hand-woven silk fabrics, craftsmanship and could be customized to over 2,000 different shades.

Address: Renaissance Makati City Hotel, Esperanza Street, corner Makati Avenue, Makati City, 1228, Philippines.
Phone: +63 2 811 6856

4.The Landmark Department Store

The Landmark Department Store

The Landmark Department Store is another great choice to find the best national costumes in the Philippines from different brands. The Landmark Department Store is the house of various Filipino brands such as Habing Pilipino and Rosas etc. They carry Filipinianas and Barongs for everyone and for every occasion. Here you can easily get a great variety of Filipinianas attire ranging from high-quality to affordable, classic and delicate, trendy to modern ones and from plain to intricate designed gowns and barongs.

Address: Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati 1226.
Phone: +63 2 810 9990

5. Rustan’s Makati

rustans store philippines

Rustan’s is another well-known store which houses several luxurious brands and provides a range of national Filipino Costumes. Rustan’s has an exclusive section of Filipiniana which offers highly detailed, pure piña as well as vibrant jusi barongs collection. Furthermore the barongs are available in fascinating colors; in addition, they are available sophisticated designs.

For instance, it’s uncommon to notice a piña barong having a cheongsam-inspired collar, however, at Rustan’s, extraordinary is the business. You can also find here a great variety of colors as well as patterns to celebrate your Filipino personality with the timelessness of the traditional outfit.

Address: Courtyard Drive cor. Ayala Avenue, Courtyard Dr, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Phone: +63 2 813 3739

These are some of the recommended shops to buy the national costume of the Philippines. If you want to recommend a place, please add comments below.

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