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waterfall restaurant philippines

Who doesn’t like the majestic and mysterious beauty of waterfalls? It is one of the most beautiful staging that nature offers us to relish. But have you ever heard of a waterfall restaurant? Yes, there is a unique waterfall restaurant that is situated over the waterfall and its one of its only kind in the world. This unique waterfall restaurant is situated in Philippines, and named as ‘The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant Philippines’.

Waterfall Restaurant Philippines

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is located at the Villa Escudero Resort, in San Pablo City in Philippines. It’s located in Villa Escudero inside a self-contained, 800-hectare working coconut plantation. The unique surrounding is all natural and barely touched by people. This waterfall restaurant sits at the foot of the Labassin Falls. This waterfall run-off from a nearby dam and gust at a low to mediocre speed, shallow and people friendly, thus allow visitors to even lie against the wall that is covered from the rushing water. The falling water offer a quick massage or post-lunch rinse off which make you feel super relaxed. This is one resort where no shirt and no shoes are no problem!

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant serves buffet of meat and curries to its guest while allowing them to enjoy the beautiful backdrop of waterfall. The design and structure of the restaurant is also very beautiful and unique. Visitors enjoy authentic local cuisine and dine at the bamboo tables. Their feet are rinsed by the crystal clear water. What could be more refreshing in this humid climate! The running waterfall works as a natural air conditioner. The Villa Escudero Resort of San Pablo City in the Philippines offers a one of a kind experience for guests to get up close and personal with a roaring waterfall while enjoying their lunch!

The Villa Escudero Resort also offer some great entertainment in the resort such as traditional dance and music shows. You can go and enjoy other activities in the resort once you are done with your meal. The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant Philippines offer a thorough soaking experience where diners get a wet and wild experience. After eating, you can go for a dip under the waterfall which runs off from a nearby dam.

Address: Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 521 0830.

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