Top 5 Man Made Attractions In Philippines You Should Visit

man made attractions in philippines

Philippines, no wonder is a haven of natural beauty, but that doesn’t exclude the creations of man. The country’s interesting history makes it a melting point of cultures viz. Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and American along with Filipino. Apart from various archaeological sites, it is a luxurious abode of history that is fascinating enough for a passionate traveller to explore. Nevertheless, curiosity can’t just be fulfilled with words, still here’s a list of top 5 man made attractions in the Philippines.

Man-Made Philippines Attractions

Hope they don’t fill, but raise your curiosity levels, enough to make you backpack to the Philippines right away!

Read along then.

1. Intramuros – Along the Walls of History (Manila)

If you haven’t visited Intramurous, you haven’t really travelled to the Philippines yet. The walled city, as it is called, Intramurous is the most spectacular man made attractions in Philippines, dating back to the colonial era. Inside the walls, there’s a lot to see. San Agustin Church, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral; these are the most popular places among all. Apart from the religious significance, the city is a hub of Manila’s top educational institutions. Also, the fast food establishments attract a lot of student population from nearby institutions. Another highlight of Intramuros is Rizal Park, that showcases a heroic tale of the Filipino legend Jose Rizal.

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2. San Juanico Bridge – Cross the bridge of Love (Samar-Leyte)

If you are looking to take your love for a long drive, there can’t be a highway as interesting as this bridge. Spanning across a length of 2162 kilometers, San Juanico is the longest bridge of the Philippines and a unique man made attractions in the Philippines. It was completed around 45 years ago under the orders of former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos which he further gifted to his wife Imelda. However, not just the show, but the bridge carries a lot of value, especially to the Eastern Visayas. It forms up a connecting link between the provinces of Samar and Leyte.

So, wait not, take your beloved for a long drive. And fear not if occasionally the bridge shakes a little. The old Marcos and his wife are blessing the lovely couple! (Shaking is caused by passing of heavy vehicles like trucks or buses.)

3. Bangui Windmills – Wind to Behold (Ilocos Norte)

Who can imagine windmills can ever be included in the list of topmost man made attractions in Philippines? Well, when you stop by this wind farm, you’d know. The majestic white blades rotating in the wind make up a total of 20 turbines that together form a curvature reflecting the coastline of Bangui Bay. Located at the northwestern peak of Luzon island, the farm faces the sea in a direction that drives wind towards the land.

The farm accounts for approximately 50 % of the power generation in Ilocos Norte. For travellers, the farm beholds many views waiting to be shot into stunning photographs. Also, if you are stopping from a long journey, there are many cafés nearby where you can take a cup of coffee and a snack.

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4. Hanging Coffins – Where Mysteries Echo (Sagada)

Hanging coffins, while the name itself triggers some horror-full sensation, the actual place is not about horror, but yes, it’s about a lot of mystery. When a person dies, their coffins are nailed to the cliffs. The height at which they are nailed depends on the family’s financial condition. If a family is financially well-off, they are supposed to hang the coffin at the highest point of the cliff, which signifies that the dead is ‘close to heaven’.

All the corpses are buried in the foetal position as it is believed that a person should leave the world exactly the same way he was born. The hanging coffins can be seen in Lumiang Burial Cave down in the Echo Valley. Apart from this cave, Sagada consists of many subterranean caves, dug out by ancient men whose mystery we leave for you to solve!

5. Baroque Churches of the Philippines – Treasures Spanish Style (Manila, Ilocos Norte, Miagao, Ilocos Sur)

Baroque Churches of the Philippines are a magnificent man-made collection of four churches in the Philippines, dating back to the Spanish era. These include San Agustin Church, Santa Maria Church, Paoay Church and Miagao Church. They are known for unique amalgamation of European style architecture and Filipino interpretation of Baroque style. These sites are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Places. If you are backpacking in Philippines, do plan a day or two to visit these historical sites. You’ll carry a lot of Philippines mementos home for sure!

Of course, there are a lot many other man-made attractions to see and explore in the Philippines. If you have any favourites that we missed, tell us. Masayang paglalakbay (Happy journey!)

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