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backpackers philippines

So, finally you’re ready to leave your office cubicle and wander in the islands of the Philippines. Well, wandering is a great thing unless you’re in a familiar place. It’s okay that Filipinos are great hosts, kind and helpful and all; but what if they don’t understand what you ask. Of course, most of them do understand English, but after all, Tagalog is their mother language, yours is not. So, either way you see, before you book your tickets, at once you have to sit back and plan out the trip. Okay okay you’ve just left your office, you are new to travelling, you hate writing and quite often you feel lazy. In this case, we have this quick backpacking guide to the Philippines. Just keep a copy of it with you and keep one with your friend, if in case you get wander-lost on an isolated island!

Backpackers Philippines Guide: Costs of Travel, Accommodation, Food & Activities

Currency: Philippine Peso (₱)

Being a South Asian country, the Philippines offer quite considerable rates; however, it’s always a good idea to keep the budget line a little higher than the estimated cost. If start from a shoestring budget, the average cost per person for a day in Philippines ranges from $30 to $70 or more depending on your pocket and the level of comfort you are looking for. This includes the costs of local travel, accommodation, food & drink and activities. With this, you can add the costs of your flight tickets plus some extra costs in case you would want to carry some mementos home from Philippines.

Philippine Backpackers Itinerary: Things to Do & Places to See

From historical parks to bustling shopping malls, from museums to seas and islands, the Philippines is a city, rich in culture, charm and chronicles. Here is a snapshot of the things that are really worth trying if you are backpacking to Philippines. If you have ample time, feel free to sail all around, there are over 7000 islands waiting for you!

1. Manila – Explore Country’s Heritage

For backpackers Philippines, Manila is home to various museums, churches, and city parks encapsulating a rich legacy of the Philippine’s past and a stunning flow of modern Filipino culture.

Highlight: San Agustin Church, Rizal Park, SM Mall of Asia

2. Palawan – Of Sunset, Romance and Solitude

Palawan perhaps offers the most photographic views, especially at sunset and sunrise. If you love outdoor activities then Palawan should be the preferred choice for backpackers Philippines.

Highlight: The Underground Cave, El Nido, Port Barton, Puerto Princessa, Snorkelling in Coron

3. Ifugao – Rice Terraces

You won’t miss it once you know that these rice terraces are called ‘Eight Wonder of the World’. Not at all when you know that they are 2000 years old, older than the Philippines!

Highlight: Mumbaki, Tungul Festival

4. Sagada – Caves, Coffee & Coffins

A must-visit Filipino destination for the Philippines backpackers, especially when you are with a bunch of friends. Do try some trekking, even if you are a newbie.

Highlight: Hanging Coffins in Echo Valley, Mount Ampacao, Arabica Coffee Flavours

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5. Bohol – The Hilltop View

Get around Tagbilaran City and board tricycles, multicabs or jeepneys all the way to the hills.

Highlight: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Panglao Island, Abtan River

6. Boracay – Beachscapes to Take a Break

Gift yourself the me-time at these exhilarating sand beaches. Ideal for backpackers Philippines who wants to take a break from the bustling city life.

Highlight: White Beach, Snorkeling at Crystal Cove, Mount Luho, Crocodile Island

Best Time to Visit

You can backpack to Philippines at nearly every time of the year, however, being an archipelago, the country is prone to heavy rains, typhoons and floods. On the other hand, if you visit during core summers, you are likely to face high rates due to swarms of foreign tourists, not too high though. Ideally the best time for backpackers to visit the Philippines is between January and April.

Breathtaking islands, spectacular views, impressive heritage, gracious people; Philippines is indeed one the most beautiful places and a must-visit at least once in a lifetime. For detailed information on places and activities, feel free to visit other Philippines Travel articles on our blog. If you have been a Filipino backpacker, share your experiences in the comment section down below to inspire the rest of the Philippines backpackers.

Your wanderlust is calling. Backpackers, gear up!

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