Best Time to Visit Philippines for Some Sun, Sea and Smiles

best time to visit philippines

The Philippines may be a country of over 7,100 islands, but it can be summed up in three words: sun, sea and smiles. Located at the heart of Southeast Asia, this archipelago will make you feel its warmth, through its tropical weather, its crystal-clear beaches and most importantly, the hospitality of its people.

The draw of this country’s natural beauty and its people will make you wonder, “When is the best time to visit Philippines?” Although most people will probably say that the best time to check out the rich landscapes of the Philippines is during the summer months of March to May, this period is also when most of the tourists will be flocking to the beaches, which will make these sites crowded.

Here’s an insider tip: the best month to go to this country is in November, and here are just some of the reasons why.

Best Month / Season to Visit Philippines

Good rates, good weather, good times – these are just some of the reasons why the month of November is really the best time to go to the Philippines and appreciate its beauty.

Cheaper Airfares and Hotel Rates

First, November is a good time to visit the Philippines because it is considered an off-peak season. This means that airfares and hotel rates are way cheaper compared to the price during the summer months. Local airlines like Philippine Air and Cebu Pacific often offer promos and slash their fares during this period to attract more passengers. These make the 11th month of the year the most opportune time to see the beauty of this archipelago, without hurting your pocket and burning up so much cash.

Good Weather

Another reason why November is the best time to travel to the Philippines is the tropical weather. The weather during this month is still warm and the sun is still up for most of the day, but the heat is not punishing and painful on the skin like in the summer months. The temperature in November ranges from 28 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius—which is relatively manageable compared to summer heat which sometimes reaches a scorching 40 degrees Celsius.

In addition to these, the monsoon season also ends around this time of the year. Visiting the Philippines during the rainy months of June to October is not really recommended because of the devastating typhoons and flash flooding which may also affect some travel plans and may render some tourist areas inaccessible. If you go to the Philippines in November, expect the sun to be up, letting you enjoy your travel as much as possible.

Of course, this warmth is really needed during this time of the year in most countries with four seasons, because at this time, the winter can put you in the biting call. If you want to escape this chill and feel the sun on your skin, then the Philippines is really an ideal destination for you in the month of November.

Fewer Tourists

November is also an opportune time to go to the Philippines because of fewer tourists around this time of the year. Since most tourists go to the Philippines during the summer months, the scenic spots can be enjoyed without the hordes of people doing the same. You can go to the white sands of the Philippines’ most popular beach, Boracay, or other equally beautiful beaches like El Nido in Palawan or Panglao Island in Bohol, without having to compete for a spot where you can relax and sunbathe.

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You can visit other historical sites like the Spanish-era walled city called Intramuros in Manila or the World War II ruins on Corregidor Islands without having to worry about swarms of tourists there. This means less stress, more time to breathe and appreciate beauty, and more opportunities to take selfies, as if these attractions are exclusively yours.

Feel the Christmas Spirit

Last and definitely not the least, November is a perfect month to go the Philippines to get a feel of how people joyfully celebrate their favorite time of the year: Christmas. Filipinos prepare of the holidays as early as September, and the Christmas cheer is already in full blast when September comes. Every street and every corner of the country will have glowing Christmas lights and lanterns. Christmas songs will also be blaring everywhere during this time of the year, from malls to small stores.

If you want to feel the holiday rush, go to Greenhills Shopping Center near Manila, and watch a popular Christmas presentation there, while shopping for cheap items from clothes and accessories to gadgets. If you want an authentic taste of Christmas in the Philippines, try a local pancake-like delicacy available in small stores near churches called “bibingka,” but this time with unique toppings like salted egg and shredded coconut.

Indeed, November is the best time to visit Philippines. Of course, during your visit, you can always expect the friendliness of the people of the Philippines. Be it receptionists in hotels, or random strangers on the streets, everyone has a smile ready for you when you meet them. Employees in establishments like malls and restaurants are also always friendly and ready to give a helping hand whenever you need one. So what are you waiting for? Look for that flight to the Philippines, pack your bags and enjoy its beauty and its people.

Feature image credit: Angelo Juan Ramos

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