highest mountains in the philippines

Conquer New Heights with These Top 5 Highest Mountains in the Philippines to Climb

The Philippines is an archipelago abundant with different landforms. Being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, this country in Southeast Asia is interspersed with mountains and mountain ranges on its many islands. Some of these mountains have become popular tourist destinations, owing to their beauty and the richness of the fauna and flora that can Continue reading

man made attractions in philippines

Top 5 Man Made Attractions In Philippines You Should Visit

Philippines, no wonder is a haven of natural beauty, but that doesn’t exclude the creations of man. The country’s interesting history makes it a melting point of cultures viz. Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and American along with Filipino. Apart from various archaeological sites, it is a luxurious abode of history that is fascinating enough for a Continue reading

10 Places You Must Visit in Philippines to Explore Nature, History & Beauty

With over 7,100 islands spread across the waters near the equator, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit in Philippines. The richness and diversity of this Southeast Asian country’s natural wonders are simply unbelievable. From white sand beaches with pristine waters to lush mountains, this nation has them all. The charm of the Philippines, Continue reading