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  • christmas in philippines 2017

    Christmas in Philippines 2017 – Guide to 2017 Xmas in the Philippines

    The Philippines is known all over the world as the country which celebrates the longest Christmas season. As early as September, you will begin to see Christmas trees being set up in homes and public spaces, hear Yuletide tunes playing over the radio, and festive lights lining up thoroughfares. The Christmas spirit is palpable three […] More

  • Digital Tshirt Printing Philippines

    Best Customized Digital TSHIRT Printing Service in the Philippines

    Tshirt printing is a popular business in Philippines and there are several shops and service provider that offers high quality screen and digital printing services for t-shirts. Design your own clothes just the way you want them. In Philippines, you can create custom t-shirts, jackets, bags and more with custom printing for your team and […] More

  • best time to visit Palawan Island in the Philippines

    Best Time To Visit Palawan Island in the Philippines

    Palawan is a must-see Island when visiting Philippines. Situated in the southwest of the capital city of Manila; Palawan is an amazing natural delight in the west-most boundary of the Philippines islands. Palawan is majorly famous for its unusual natural beauty and weather which treats the visitors with the incredible fusion of golden sun, pristine […] More

  • Christmas Gift Philippines

    Best Christmas Gifts to Buy in the Philippines for Big Xmas Day

    All around the world, Christmas is considered to be a season of giving. There is nothing more joyful than buying, wrapping and giving gifts to people who matter to us. The smiles on their faces once they receive the gifts we specially picked for them is simply priceless. In the Philippines, the generosity shown during […] More

  • costume rental philippines

    Costume Rental Philippines – Shops to Rent Your Favorite Costume

    Costumes bring live to your character, event and occasions, but most of the time we all find it out of budget or too expensive to spend on a single costume and merely for one day. But thanks to costume rental Philippines option, we don’t need to worry about it anymore. In Philippines, there are several […] More

  • Endangered animals in the Philippines

    10 of the Most Endangered Animals in the Philippines

    The Philippines is a country rich in fauna. Because of its variety of beautiful natural resources on land, sea and air, different kinds of animals thrive in this Southeast Asian nation. In fact, the Philippines has often been identified as one of the most mega-diverse countries, serving as a natural habitat to over 52,000 species […] More

  • national costume of the philippines

    Top 5 Places To Buy Filipiniana National Costumes of the Philippines

    National costumes are of great significance for every nation. The national costumes of the Philippines are commonly called ‘Filipiniana’. The national costumes of Filipino men and women are known as ‘Barong Tagalog’ and ‘Baro at Saya’ respectively. The national costume of Filipino men is comprised of ‘Barong’ which is a worn-over, a Chinese collarless shirt […] More

  • perfume bottle supplier philippines

    Top 5 Perfume Bottle Suppliers in the Philippines

    People from the Philippines are known around the world for prioritizing personal hygiene. Filipinos make it a point that they are always clean from head to toe. It’s no wonder that personal hygiene products are among the most in-demand items in the Philippines. Of course, part of looking and staying clean is smelling fresh. That […] More

  • office furniture supplier philippines

    Best Office Furniture Supplier in the Philippines for Comfy Workplace

    Purchased a new office space or just thinking of renovating the current workplace? Modern organizations and employers are taking keen interest in making the workplaces comfortable, encouraging, engaging, constructive and stress-free for their employees; and undoubtedly interior of the workplace plays a huge role in it. And when it comes to interior, although all the […] More

  • online appliance store philippines

    Top 5 Online Appliance Stores in the Philippines

    The Philippines is among the second most sweltering e-commerce market in Southeast Asia after Singapore and it has come on top of the list due to the changing shopping patterns and habits of Filipino consumers. As indicated by a recent report by Ken Research, Philippines; online business market is expected to grow at a breathtaking […] More

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