Raise Your Glasses for the Best Red Wine Brands in the Philippines

best red wine brands in the philippines

People in the Philippines love celebrations. Filipinos always find a reason to celebrate—from major life events like birthdays and weddings, to simple joys like passing school exams or being reunited as a family. Of course, these celebrations involve a lot of eating and drinking. Celebrations will not be complete without overflowing delicious food, and some good drinks to go with it.

Best Red Wine Brands in the Philippines

A good way to make celebrations even more festive and classy is to bring some wine. Although people in the Philippines enjoy drinking beer more, wine is becoming more and more popular in the country. A lot of people already appreciate the taste of this classic drink, as evidenced by the number of international wine brands that can already be bought in the Philippines.

Here are five of the best red wine brands in the Philippines, based on the taste and the price.

1. Gossips

Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah Sweet Lips

Its name might sound like something hush-hush, but this has become one of the most popular and best red wine brands in the Philippines. One of the factors why it has become an in-demand red wine brand in the Philippines is its affordability and accessibility. You can buy Gossips red wine at almost all leading department stores, and it will cost you just around $7.

More importantly, this red wine brand is attracting more and more customers because of its taste. The Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah Sweet Lips is known for its light and sweet taste. This red wine has hints of dark berry and strawberry flavors, and has a low alcohol content. Because of this, this red wine brand in the Philippines is perfect for a chill lunch or dinner.

2. Wyndham Estate

This is one of the recommended red wine brands in the Philippines to bring if you are attending a dinner party with friends. The Wyndham Estate Shiraz 2012, which originates from southern Australia, boasts of bold and sophisticated ripe berry and plum flavors that will surely impress your buddies. This red wine is best enjoyed with red meat, preferably a nice piece of steak.

Wyndham State Shiraz 2012 is also very accessible. You can buy this red wine brand from any Rustan’s Supermarket. The price is also easy on the pocket, costing less than $15.

3. MontGras

Looking to impress your boss and colleagues at work? This is the best wine brand in the Philippines for that purpose. The Montgras Ninquen Antu is a particularly good variety to bring to an office event, with its ripe currant and black berries taste with hints of mocha and spice. Your fellow workers will definitely perceive you as someone with good taste when you serve them this satisfying mix of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Carmenere. Well-structured, deep and balanced—this wine might even get your promotion!

The Montgras Ninquen Antu is available in most wine shops in the Philippines like Ralph Wines and Spirits. It costs around $19—reasonable for its quality.

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4. Chain of Ponds

If you’re planning for a wine and cheese night, then this is the best red wine brand in the Philippines to have for that event. This Australian red wine brand is known for its diverse collection of spirits. The Chain of Ponds Grave’s Gate Shiraz is particularly good with cheese, with a rich and lively taste from its composition of one-hundred percent Shiraz and deep cherry red. You can also smell the scent of black olives, raspberries and red currant when you drink it.

This brand of red wine in the Philippines costs less than $20, and can be bought in wine shops across the country.

5. Lindeman’s


Another Australian brand that is among the best red wine brands in the Philippines is Lindeman’s. This brand of red wine is not expensive—it is just around $7—but that doesn’t mean that it has low quality. This red wine boasts of spicier notes, with hints of fruity and spicy flavors after one smooth, long sip. The finish of this wine is sweet, and is perfect to be paired with savory dishes.

Every celebration becomes even more joyful with these best red wine brands in the Philippines, so go grab some of these brands before going to your next event.

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