Corporate Giveaways Philippines – Best Corporate Gift Ideas In Philippines

corporate giveaways philippines

The contrasting assortment of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese and Malay cultures have shaped the Filipino culture that in itself is mystical to non-Philippines. Like all other occasions, gift-giving is a significant part of the corporate culture of the Philippines. Before and after every business deal is finalized, gifts are exchanged between the two parties. This is to develop a strong bond of relationship between the business partners. Not just the businesses, gifts are exchanged between coworkers and employee-employer alike.

Corporate Giveaways Philippines

While selecting the gift for your business partner, co-workers or employees, it should be ensured that the gift is not just a piece but a handshake of emotional bonding. Therefore, we explored a few good corporate gift ideas in The Philippines. Read on.

1. Bond With The Techie

As the globe witnesses the digital age, people, especially working class love gadgets and gizmos that simplify their workplace better. Everyone loves to have a ready-made cup of coffee than stepping into the kitchen. So, it’s a great idea to gift your colleague or friend with card readers, mouse pads, fitness bands, calculators, presenters, USB Flash Drives, Pen Drives, USB Hubs, Data cards and things like that. Some of the popular gadget stores in the Philippines are KimStore, BrandConnect, YouPoundit, Lazada Philippines, PurpleTag, LatestGadget and Widget City.

2. Of Pens & Paper

Who doesn’t like making one’s workplace more interesting? In fact, it has been research proven that people with a variety of stationary on their workstation tend to have more productivity and quality of work. Stationary is an evergreen corporate giveaway, not just in the Philippines but otherwise also. There are many amazing stationary boxes and sets available with SM Stationary, Papemelroti, PurpleTag and a lot many.

3. Time Bands For Timeless Relation

Every leader loves punctuality. Gift yourself and your business partners with time bands and watches. This indicates your personal involvement in the ongoing business relationship which is an important part of the Philippines business culture. Philippine market features a lot of local and foreign brands in watches including Ben Sherman, Axis, Titan, Seiko, Daniel Klein, Casio and more. SM Store, Zalora and Watch Portal are some of the stores for purchase of watches, time bands, clocks and alarm devices. For corporate giveaways Philippines, watches are highly recommended.

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4. It’s All In The Scent

Philippines is a City of Flowers. Living all the time in the quarters of fragrances, Filipinos also love to have perfumes. And when it comes to corporate gifting in the Philippines, perfumes represent a utility item married with elegance. Thus, if you are looking forward for a meeting with a CEO or a foreign director, set up a perfume box first. Perfume PhilippinesTM , Istorya Creations and PurpleTag can help you with that.

Also, scented candles are an interesting corporate giveaways Philippines for your clients, especially when festival season approaches. Manila-based Make Look Good offers Scented Soy Wax Candle Sets starting from P400 that your clients will definitely love to have this Christmas.

5. Logo Sets

Every company loves promotion. Every company loves their logo printed everywhere from their letter pads to their walls. So, this can be a unique and interesting corporate giveaway to gift your partner company in the Philippines. Simply get both the logos, yours and theirs printed on T-shirts, coffee mugs, notepads and products like that. This will represent a long lasting bond between the two. To personalize the gift items with the logos, reach out to Fotoshow in Cavite, Philippines.

Gifting to your clients, coworkers and business partners doesn’t just empowers your business, but also represent your sincere care toward the gift-giving culture of Filipinos. So, if you too are looking to take your corporate to another level, follow these corporate gifting ideas in the Philippines. And create your own.

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