Best Online Gadget Stores in Philippines for Technology Needs

online gadget stores in philippines

Electronic gadgets are already integral parts of our daily lives nowadays. For many of us, it is unimaginable and even impossible to get through a day without using a cell phone, a tablet or a laptop. It is good, therefore, that buying these technological devices has also become an easy task, thanks to online gadget stores in Philippines that gets you these products by just clicking the mouse and within the convenience of your own homes.

There are several online gadget stores in Philippines offering a wide array of various products from trusted brands. The prices of the products in Philippine online gadget stores are also generally reasonable.

Gadget Shops Online in the Philippines

Purchasing technological devices and even some accessories from online gadget stores in the Philippines is very easy. All you have to do is log on to their websites, look for the product that you need, assess the price and the payment options, and order online. Before you know it, you’ll already have your favorite gadget with you.


Kim store

This is probably the most popular online gadget store in Philippines. It traces its humble beginnings as an online camera shop, which expanded into the now-defunct social media platform Multiply. Now, this online gadget store already has a website,, where customers can order all sorts of gadgets.

Kimstore sells different kinds of gadgets, from mobile phones and tablets to music players and laptops. They even have wearable gadgets and game consoles. Their products come from most trusted brands, mostly from Apple, Samsung, Asus and Sony. They also have music accessories like earphones, camera accessories like lenses, and even power banks.

What’s good about this online gadget store is that it sells its gadgets at a relatively lower price compared to those sold in big malls. It allows cash-on-delivery, bank and cash deposits, online payments for products.

Widget City

Widget City

Another reliable online gadget shop in Philippines is Widget City. Compared to other online gadget stores, it showcases more brands. Aside from the more established brands like Apple, Sony and Samsung, it also has other brands of mobile phones like Huawei, Xiaomi, LeTV, Blackberry, Nexus, Lenovo and Oppo. It also sells tablets, laptops and cameras.

What is more impressive about this online gadget store is that it also includes smart gadgets like drones and hover boards in its selection of products. The prices of the gadgets it sells are also comparable to those in malls. To give its customers an opportunity to save up some money, it also offers some promos and price slashes. The payment option, however, is limited to cash on delivery, and you have to fill up a form to schedule a meet-up point to be able to get your product.

For more information on this online gadget store, logon to

DB Gadgets

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for an online store for gadgets in Philippines? This is the online gadget shop for you. This online seller specializes in cameras and other accessories for photography, including camera bags and lights. Its selection of different cameras is quite extensive, coming from trusted brands like Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm. Watch out for the flash sales on camera accessories once in a while so you can get products at lower prices.

This online Philippine gadget store also offers latest mobile phones and tablets to its customers, mostly from Apple, Samsung, Asus and Huawei, in reasonable prices. DB Gadgets is active mostly on Facebook, where it currently has over 256,000 followers. To be able to get hold of your products, you have to set a schedule and location for a meet-up, and pay upon delivery.

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Latest Gadget

Latest Gadget

When talking about an online gadget store in Philippines that offers a wide variety of products, Latest Gadget is a name worth mentioning. It eclipses all other online shops in terms of the number of electronic supplies it sells. Aside from the usual mobile phones, tablets and laptops, it also sells a lot of other products, including home appliances like cleaning aides, mini-fridges and coolers, and electric fans. Car accessories like dash cameras are also available in this store. Even security accessories like spy cameras, baby needs, and even construction tools—the possibilities are endless.

This online gadget shop in the Philippines delivers its products to its customers, and accepts different types of payment modes, from credit cards to debit cards to money transfers. For more information on Latest Gadget, visit



This is a relatively new online gadget store in Philippines, with a strong presence in social media. It also sells mobile phones, tablets and laptops, with a particular focus on well-known brands like Apple and Samsung. It also sells GoPro action cameras and accessories for this device. It also has wearable devices like smart watches and other phone accessories like power banks.

YouPoundIt accepts major credit cards, bank deposits and cash on delivery as payment options. It also has reasonable product deals so that customers can avail of products at a lower price. Login to for more details.

You don’t have to go to malls or stores anymore for your technological needs. These online gadget stores in Philippines are here to make all your techie dreams come true, with ease and convenience.

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