Top Wedding Photographers & Videographers in Philippines to Capture Your Special Moments

top wedding photographer in philippines
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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It opens up a new chapter in the life for a person, with that special someone he or she chose to live his or her entire life with. Weddings are a big deal, especially in the Philippines, where these occasions also serve as a way for friends and family to reunite. It is a good thing that there are a lot of good wedding photographers and wedding videographers in the Philippines that can be tapped to capture these precious moments.

Wedding photographers and videographers are overflowing with creative ideas to immortalize your special day. All you need to do is to choose which one is a perfect fit for your wedding theme and budget.

Top Wedding Photographers, Videographers in the Philippines

Here is a list of the best wedding photographers and videographers in Philippines to make the day you will tie the knot extra special. Almost all of them already have websites showcasing their works, so be sure to check them out to see if they suit your taste.

Paul Vincent Photography

This popular wedding photography business in the Philippines is ran by the main photographer, Paul and his wife, Ayvih, who conceptualizes ideas for the photo shoots. For packages that start at P100,000, Paul’s team promises to capture the “heart, soul, art” of the wedding, as summed up by the business’ motto. The team is able to capture the smallest details of the wedding in photos, and is very capable of photo shoots both outdoors in inside the wedding venue. To find out more about this wedding photographer in the Philippines, check out their website.

J Lucas Reyes

If you are looking for an artistic wedding photographer in the Philippines, then J Lucas Reyes is the one for you. He offers a photography style for wedding that he describes as “fine art.” The pictures he takes are really eye-catching and well thought of, and can be likened to beautiful paintings, but still keeping a very natural look. Visit this wedding photographer’s website, to see his work and to know the rates for his wedding photography packages.

Lito Genilo

With his experience in shooting destination weddings in other countries like Singapore and the United States, this famous wedding photographer and videographer in the Philippines can definitely deliver photos that capture not just what the eye sees, but also what the heart feels. He describes himself as “relaxed and unobtrusive, but ever alert.” Through his sharp and artistic photos, he is able to immortalize precious moments for the couple and their wedding guests as well. This wedding photographer has the passion to shoot normal people just having a good time. For details of his wedding photography and videography services and their rates, visit website.

Danny Ignacio

He is considered to be one of the most professional wedding photographers in the Philippines, having been in the business for more than two decades now. He has received several awards in the field of wedding photography, and serves as in-house photographer in seven party venues in Metro Manila. What sets him apart from other wedding photographers in the Philippines is his expertise in the so-called “infrared photography,” which captures interesting images that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Because of this skill, the wedding photos he takes are more vibrant, with lively colors that will definitely make your wedding look like a fairy tale. Check out more of his work at

Rex Carrascoso

This rising photographer for weddings in the Philippines, particularly caters to young couples. Because of his background as a graphic artist, his approach to wedding photography is fresher and more modern and fun. He likes to play with colors, and accommodate special requests for theme weddings. His team really exerts efforts to bring out the distinct characteristics and personalities of each couple, treating each wedding event with a personal touch. To get to know more about his team’s work, visit website.

Jason Magbanua

He is perhaps the most popular wedding videographer in the Philippines. He has rightfully gained this reputation because of the high quality of his work, backed by his more than a decade in the industry. He is known to be a powerful visual storyteller, capable of capturing precious wedding moments in an artistic yet emotional way. A word of caution before considering him, however: the demand for him is so high that a scheduling might be a task. He showcases his work at

Bob Nicolas

When it comes to exquisite cinematography, he is considered to be the best wedding videographer in the Philippines. Having been exposed to the world of cameras and films during his childhood, this videographer has developed an eye that can capture the overlooked yet precious moments during a wedding. His style is unobtrusive, letting moments pass by naturally and capturing them in the most artistic way possible. Lights, colors, texture—he knows how to handle them all and translate them into a quality wedding video. To see samples of his wedding videos, go to their website.

Enrico Nepomuceno

Planning to hold your wedding in the popular white sand beaches of Boracay Island? Then he is the Philippine wedding videographer for you. He has already perfected the art of capturing on video the perfect beach wedding. He will show the beauty and romance of a wedding from different angles—from aerial to tight shots focusing on the couple. He can also accommodate weddings in urban locations. Visit their website to see his sample works.

Mayad Studios

Elegance is what this team of wedding videographers from the Philippines for all their clients. Their award-winning team of international wedding videographers specializes in destination weddings. Aside from their excellent camera work, they also boast of expertise in editing and musical scoring—covering all aspects of the wedding video. To sample some of their work, go to


This team of three wedding photographers from the Philippines is sought after for their natural, candid and fun take on wedding videos. The vibe of their outputs are quirky and youthful, but still with top-notch quality. Their website, says it all on what to expect if you get them as your wedding videographers: “to be blown away by awesomeness.”

Don’t let one of the most important days of your life pass by without making sure that the best moments are captured on film. Choose from these top wedding photographers and wedding videographers in the Philippines, and be reminded of that special day even years after it happened.

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