Best & Unique Wedding Souvenirs Ideas from the Philippines

A wedding is an important event that happens only once in a person’s lifetime. It opens up a new chapter in the life of a man and a woman, when they leave their singlehood for the married life. It is important, therefore, to make this event as memorable as possible, not only to the bride and groom, but also for the wedding guests. What better way to make give the guests something to remember one of the most important moments in your life than through wedding souvenirs?

Wedding Souvenirs Philippines have evolved throughout the years. From a more traditional wedding favors like figurines, newly-wed couples now have more modern and practical gifts for their guests, and there are so many options to choose from.

Wedding Souvenirs Philippines

Here are some unique ideas for wedding souvenirs in the Philippines, with some details on how to order them. Most of these can be utilized by the guests even after the wedding. Take a pick depending on your preference and your budget.

Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers

These are ordinary and often-overlooked household items, but bottle openers can be good wedding souvenir ideas in the Philippines. These simple tools can be transformed into impressive, decorative keepsakes for wedding guests. An online store for wedding souvenirs in the Philippines, this website, for instance, offers different designs of bottle openers that are chic and appropriate for classy weddings. There are bottle openers shaped like keys, or spelling the word “Love.” There are also designs that will fit theme weddings such as bicycles, anchors, airplanes and slippers. The price ranges between P70 to P100, depending on the design and the number of items you’re going to order. Wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of your wedding every time your guests will open a bottle?

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Another good idea for wedding souvenirs Philippines is salt and pepper shakers. These often overlooked household items can be turned into good wedding favors that will showcase the bond of the newlywed couple, because salt and pepper shakers always come in pairs. The same website that offers decorative bottle openers, this website, also provides cute salt and pepper shakers that will surely impress wedding guests. They have traditional wedding designs like kissing doves and bride and groom. There are also more modern and animated designs like black and white pigs, and owls. This wedding gift in the Philippines will definitely spice things up for the married couple and their guests.

Designer Soaps

Designer Soaps

Most of us might think that soaps are just ordinary grooming aids better left inside of the bathroom, but these can also become great wedding souvenir ideas in the Philippines. For instance, Soak Artisan Soap makes luscious-looking soaps that are good for the skin. They are all natural, handmade soaps that give a moisturizing effect on the skin—perfect and practical for wedding guests. The soaps they make are also beautiful and can be deceivingly delectable. Visit their website for more details.

For something even more unusual, why not try giving your wedding guest beer soaps? Yes, the alcoholic drink can be mixed with soap ingredients to make them more bubbly and skin-softening, without the hangover. Visit the Facebook page of Aromateria Scents and Sensibilities for more information on their beer soaps.

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Looking for elegant wedding souvenirs Philippines, especially for bridesmaids and principal sponsors? Why not give them personalized pieces of jewelry? The online shop Pulseras by Kim, for instance, makes quality brass bangles and necklaces that will definitely please your fashionista wedding guests. What’s good about these accessories is that you can personalize them, either with the name of the couple or the guests themselves. The bracelets and the necklaces can also be engraved with inspirational messages to make your wedding souvenirs more meaningful.

Personalized keychains are also good wedding ideas in the Philippines. The shop called Istorya Creations make handcrafted keychains that can bear the names of your wedding guests. These simple wedding gifts will definitely make them feel more special, with a bit of a personal touch.

Food Items
Russian Cookie House

Everybody loves food, and food items can likewise be great wedding souvenirs in the Philippines. The Russian Cookie House, which has a store in Makati City, has all sorts of sweets and cookies to remind your guests of your sweetness, even after the wedding. The store sells tea biscuits, bon bons, biscotti and other European sweets—ideal for your wedding guests who have a sweet tooth, but also with a taste for classy things.

For something more symbolic, newlywed couples can also give their guests honey—something also sweet, but does not spoil, much like their love for each other. Just buy locally-made honey, and then place them in decorative jars, and you already have a wedding souvenir to remember. There are also a lot of online grocery shops that sell organic goods you can tap for this wedding souvenir idea.

Love is something that lasts in the memory, and so it is imperative that wedding guests be always reminded of your love for each other through wedding souvenirs in the Philippines. These gifts do not have to be expensive and grand. They can be simple and sweet, as long as it sums up the love a couple feels for each other.

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