Best Online Shopping Sites in Philippines to Buy Products With Convenience

best online shopping sites in philippines

Modern technology has given us so much convenience that we have never experienced before. Before the advent of the Internet, people have to go to malls, endure long lines and spend time to find and buy the products that they need. Now, however, online shopping in Philippines for goods can be done in front of computer monitor, and items can be bought with just a few clicks.

Because of the fast pace of life and the hassles that urban living have brought like traffic jams and congestion in malls, online shopping in Philippines has become a growing industry. There are several online shopping sites in Philippines that offer a wide variety of products to those who want to buy goods but do not have the time to go to commercial establishments to do so.

Shop Online from these trusted sites in the Philippines

Here are some of the best online shopping sites in Philippines, with details on what products they sell, and how to pay for online transactions with them.

1. Lazada Philippines

This online shopping site in the Philippines is part of an e-commerce company from Singapore operating in other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It is considered to be the biggest online shopping site in Philippines–rightfully so, because it has a wide variety of products for the shop-a-holic. The range of products it is selling seems to be endless: from fashion items and beauty products to gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. There are even car accessories and sports equipment for men.

Lazada Philippines’ main method of payment is cash on delivery, which means that you can have the product you want right at your doorsteps, and pay in that instance. This online shopping website also allows credit card payments and even payments through PayPal.

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Whatever the product you choose to buy, Lazada Philippines promises to provide safe and easy shopping. Be on the lookout for their latest promos and discounts to save not only time, but also money. They slash prices of their items up to almost 80%.

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2. Zalora

Are you a fashionista who loves to shop for the latest branded clothes? This online shopping site in Philippines is for you. Zalora has become the go-to online shopping site for those looking for the best fashion items at reasonable prices. The website sells well-known international brands for clothes for women like Mango, Cotton On and River Island, and local brands like Bench and Penshoppe. For men, there are also trusted brands for clothes like Nike, Mossimo, Folded & Hung, Factorie and Mango Man.

Aside from clothes, Zalora also has fashion accessories in its line of products. It sells all kinds of shoes—from athletic shoes for men to formal shoes for women. It also has watches, bags, wallets, sunglasses and pieces of jewelry—everything you need to complete your look.

To be able to buy items for this online shopping site in the Philippines, cash on delivery and credit cards are the modes of payment. What’s good is that the website waives the delivery fee for purchases that exceed P995.

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This online shopping website in the Philippines also boasts of a wide array of products you can choose from, without going to malls and grocery stores. It has an extensive selection of clothes, jewelry and fashion accessories for both men and women. It also sells mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, including the latest models of smartphones from well-known brands like Apple and Samsung. Aside from these, there are also health and beauty products such as makeups, lotions and creams. There are even home appliances and even entertainment and leisure products like movies and books. The options seem limitless!

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This online shopping store can be paid through cash on delivery, credit cards, or even PayPal. It also accepts mobile payments such as GCash and Smart Money. The naew shoppers in this website are entitled to a P250 voucher, which can get you started on your online shopping.

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4. WeeMall

This website for shopping online in the Philippines may have a simple design, but its product line is anything but simple. It can compete with other online shopping websites in terms of a wide array of products its customers can choose from. Looking for latest mobile phones and tablets? WeeMall has them, from the basic ones to the smartphones. Want to buy new equipment for your travel and outdoor activities? This website can provide different luggages, camping and running gears. Planning to update your fashion accessories this new year? This online shop has bracelets, bags and watches that can make you more stylish.

This shopping website accepts credit cards, cash on delivery and bank deposits. It even recommends particular items that can help you save some money.

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Unlike the first four best online shopping sites in Philippines on this list, this website is unique, in the sense that it caters to those looks for second-hand items. The items sold on this site are virtually everything: from houses to cars, from gadgets to pieces of furniture and appliances. This online shopping site currently has 8 million monthly users, and this number is still growing. Transacting here usually involves contacting the seller of the second-hand item, and then meeting up for the turnover and payment of the product.

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Shopping in the Philippines nowadays does not have to be stressful. These best online shopping sites in Philippines give customers the opportunity to get quality products with convenience and reasonable prices.

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