Wonderful Palawan Island – Ways to Wander around this Water World in Philippines

palawan island philippines

Imagine a peaceful place surrounded by clear waters with different shades of blue. Imagine fascinating rock formations and swaying palm trees rising from the fertile grounds of this place. Imagine gentle and happy people inhabiting this place, always ready to lend a helping hand with smiles on their faces.

You can stop imagining, because this place is real. At the western side of the Philippines is a marvelous island, rich in all types of natural resources. This place is where you go if you want to feel one with nature. This is your sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of urban life. This piece of paradise on Earth is Palawan Island.

Here are some tips you can use while wandering around this wonderful water world in the Philippines:

When to Visit Palawan Island

Sure, summer time is a good time to visit Palawan Island, because the sun is up and bright, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the beach. However, the summer months are also considered the peak season, meaning local and foreign tourists troop to the island for their getaways. If you want to see the beauty of Palawan Island Philippines, without the crowds, going during the off-peak months of November to January is well-recommended.

What to See in Palawan Island

• Puerto Princesa Underground River – Considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the modern world, this protected area in the capital city of Palawan Island is a sight to behold. Hop on a row boat and prepared to be amazed by the different rock formations inside the caves, introduced to guests by enthusiastic guides. Watch out for occasional large bats, which are essential members of the ecosystem in this area.

• Coron – This looks like a quiet town on land, but if you venture into its vast waters, you will see the treasures that it holds. Swim in the fresh emerald waters of Kayangan and Barracuda Lakes, and you will definitely feel like you’re in your private paradise. Go to Siete Picados for some snorkeling and meet the various kinds of fish thriving in this marine environment.

• El Nido – This piece of paradise on Earth is definitely a must-visit during every trip to Palawan Island. This place has such breathtaking landscape and seascape that should not be missed. Enormous limestone formations dot the clear blue waters of this area. When the sun is up, you can just walk aimlessly or lie down the fine white sand beaches of El Nido. It’s definitely the ultimate tropical destination.

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What to Do in Palawan Island

• Hike to the Taraw Peak – This might come as a challenge for some, especially for the less athletic ones, but it is definitely rewarding. From the Taraw Peak in El Nido, you will be able to see the best bird’s eye view of the sea and the limestones—perfect for taking pictures or just quietly taking in the panoramic beauty of this place. Just be prepared to hike, climb and conquer limestone formations.

• Dive – Palawan Island has the best diving spots in the world. Go to the Kalambuyan Reef in Coron, for instance, if you want to see a fantastic display of marine life. Tagbao Island in El Nido, meanwhile, is ideal for beginners, and is bursting with colorful corals and bountiful crayfish.

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What to Eat in Palawan Island

• Cashew Nuts – You can get this nut anywhere in the Philippines, but you won’t be able to get cashews as abundant and cheap like the ones in Palawan. Some 90 percent of the country’s total nut production comes from this island, no wonder it’s often called the cashew capital of the Philippines. Indulge yourself with different preparations of this milky nut when you’re in this province, whether just roasted and salted, or used in delicious desserts.

• Shipworm – Are you feeling gastronomically adventurous? Then you should definitely try this slimy worm called “tamilok,” a popular exotic dish here in Palawan. These worms are casually sold on streets on the island, and are usually eaten raw while soaked in vinegar, lime and chili. Those who have tried this exotic dish say “tamilok” tastes like raw oysters, or even like ceviche.

• Hopia – If you’re not too adventurous with food, then you’ll certainly like this sweet treat. This is a small pastry stuffed with the sweet goodness of mung bean. The most popular hopia can be bought from Baker’s Hill in Puerto Princesa.

Palawan Island Philippines is one of those places that you should visit once in your lifetime. You will definitely find the peace and joy you are looking for in this tropical paradise.

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