How to Fully Appreciate Boracay Island in the Philippines

boracay island philippines

If you ask locals from the Philippines what place you should not miss when you go to this tropical country, the consensus would most likely be the captivating island of Boracay. It’s just a tiny island at the central part of the Philippines, but the natural beauty that it has is more than enough to make you want to stay in this place for days, weeks, months and even for years. This island is the beach bum’s dream-come-true, with a long stretch of white sand beaches, clear and inviting waters and tropical pal trees swinging peacefully on the shore.

Your Guide to Boracay Island

Boracay, however, is more than just the beach. It offers so many other things to do for those who are willing to go beyond the sand and the sea to discover what the island has in store for those seeking fun and adventure. It has gastronomical treats for the foodies, quality and affordable goods for the shop-a-holic, and a lively night life for the party goers.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on the things you should see, do and eat while on Boracay Island Philippines.

When to Visit

Most tourists visit Boracay Island during the summer months of March to May, when the sun is up and the weather is perfect for beach bumming. That’s also exactly the reason why it’s not ideal to go to this destination during this period. The beaches can become crowded, thus taking away some of the fun and relaxation you would hope to get from a tropical getaway. Therefore, it is best to visit Boracay Island during the months of November to February, when there’s also sunshine but less tourists.

What to See

• Willy’s Rock – This is perhaps one of the most recognizable attractions on Boracay Island. It’s a stack of rocks formed by volcanic activity that juts out of the middle of the waters. At low tide, tourists can conveniently walk towards this oddly-shaped rock, and say a quiet prayer at the altar of the Virgin Mary placed upon this geographic feature.

• Puka Shell Beach – There are other beaches in Boracay Island aside from the main stretch of white sand with all the establishments, commonly known as White Beach. Ideal for island-hopping is the nearby Puka Beach, named after shells scattered on this tiny island used to make some accessories like bracelets and necklaces. Go here if you want some nice and quiet time, away from the busy main beach.

• Mount Luho – For the best panoramic view of Boracay and nearby areas, go to the island’s highest peak. You can reach the viewing deck through a moderate hike, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, through riding an all-terrain vehicle.

What to Do in Boracay Island

• Try some water sports – When on the beach, you must have fun on the water. That’s why it’s best to try some water sports when in Boracay. The more popular ones are parasailing, helmet diving and banana boat rides. If you’re looking for some more adrenaline-pumping action, try the flying fish ride, which will require you to hold on for your dear life, literally. You may also opt to try free water diving, with Ariel’s Point as the most popular spot for this activity.

• Catch the sunrise and the sunset – The beaches on Boracay Island are especially beautiful during sunset and sunrise. The horizon turns into a red-orange hue, with the sun appearing to be a great circle of light. This scene is even made more breathtaking by the silhouette of sailboats out in the ocean. It’s perfect for a romantic date, or a time for self-reflection.

• Dance the night away – Sure, Boracay is magical in the day, but it transforms into an entirely different place at night. The affordable bars on the island get alive with music, dancing and drinking. Some groups even organize bar-hopping tours of the island, so you might want to check those out if you really want to party all night long.

What to Eat in Boracay Island

• Chori Burger – This is arguably the most popular snack on Boracay Island. It’s the humble hamburger with a local twist: its patty is made from chorizo or sausage that’s salty and definitely satisfying.

• Calamansi Muffin – You’ll never find this kind of delicious muffin anywhere in the world, except on Boracay Island. The pastry is flavored using the local lime known as calamansi, and the sour, sweet and creamy tastes blend well with each other. Best eaten with coffee!

Boracay Island Philippines is known for its spectacular beaches, but this place is more than that. It has so much food, gastronomy and fun to offer, if you’re willing to explore and live the island life to the fullest.

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