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Are you a freelance or contractual worker from the Philippines who does not have the health insurance benefits that ordinary employees enjoy? Health is wealth, and it is very important to have a sense of security in case you get sick or hospitalized. That is why health insurance Philippines is something that should not be taken for granted, given the rising cost of health care in this country. Without a health care plan, all of your lifetime savings may go down the drain with just one sickness.

Securing health insurance in the Philippines is not as difficult and expensive as others think. Getting health coverage can be convenient if you have the proper knowledge of which companies you can trust and can be most suitable with your income.

Best Health Insurer Philippines

We have reviewed some of the best health insurance companies in the Philippines who provide best services in the market. Here is a list of the top health insurance Philippines service provider that you can consider.

1. PhilHealth
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

This is among the most popular health insurance companies in the Philippines, with almost every employee covered by this health care provider because it is subsidized by the government. It has been in existence for six decades now, and already has 93 million members, both formal employees like government workers, and self-employed individuals.

For a contribution as low as P200 per month, a PhilHealth member can already avail of different health care benefits, making it the most affordable health care provider, again owing to the government subsidy. Its health care package covers enough, but is not as comprehensive as those offered by private health care providers. PhilHealth benefits include laboratory exams, room and board subsidy during hospitalization, professional fees when a member is confined for more than a day. It also covers outpatient benefits like hemodialysis, blood transfusion and minor day surgeries. It likewise now has a package for cancer patient and those that undergo major heart operations.

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2. Pacific Cross
Pacific Cross Philippines

Another top medical insurance provider in the Philippines is Pacific Cross, formerly known as Blue Cross. With sister organizations in neighboring countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, this company offer comprehensive health care coverage for a contribution as low as P530 per month. Although easy on the pocket for employees and self-employed workers, this health care provider have a peso plan that enables members to reimburse medical benefits of up to P3 million for each disability per lifetime. It also allows its members to choose which hospital or clinic to go to, and which doctor to consult.

Being a company that also ventures into travel insurance, medical benefits of members of Pacific Cross are extended even if they travel, which means that they can receive medical assistance anywhere in the world they go to in case of accidents or illnesses. This medical insurance provider also has a customer assistance hotline that functions round-the-clock to assist its members in case of emergency needs. For reliable health insurance Philippines, you should consider this professional company.

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3. Medicard Philippines
Medicard Philippines

Also among the trusted health insurance companies in the Philippines is Medicard. This health maintenance organization is the choice for a lot of employers, employees and self-employed persons because of the low cost of premiums, and also an affordable monthly contribution that can go as low as P650. Its comprehensive list of doctors and hospitals spread all over the country ensures that the health care insurance can be availed of anywhere in the Philippines, even in the most distant provinces. This health care provider allows its members to be admitted in hospitals free of charge when one of its accredited physicians prescribes the hospitalization.

In addition to this, laboratory examinations and X-rays also recommended by accredited doctors are likewise free of charge, as well as regular consultations with them. In case of emergencies, the doctor’s services, intravenous fluids, and medicines for treatment also do not have to be paid. Even some dental care procedures are covered by Medicard.

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4. Insular Health Care
Insular Health Care

What makes this company among the top health insurance Philippines companies is its longevity and reputation. It is considered to be the first and largest life insurance company in the Philippines, having been in existence for 105 years now. With more than a century to back it up, the company is known to provide high-value health care insurance, for a contribution that can go as low as P1150 a month. What sets this company apart from the others is the fact that the health care coverage has a built-in life insurance.

The health care coverage it provides is also comprehensive and at a competitive rate. It has corporate, individual and family accounts. The membership in this health care provider translates to free doctor fees, diagnostic laboratory test costs and hospital stay fees. To ensure the health of its members, the company also offers annual physical examinations to its members, free of charge.

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5. Sun Life Philippines
Sun Life Financial Philippines

This company is regarded by some as the best health care provider in the Philippines, having received awards for the services it offers. This insurance provider chartered in Canada has a draw among employees because of its unique money back policy, which enables members to get back half to 75 percent of all the premiums they paid whether they have been hospitalized or not. For a contribution amounting to only P1250, it also offers financial assistance to when a member gets hospitalized.

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Do not take chances. Ensure that you have a healthy and secure future through health insurance Philippines. There are a lot of good health insurance companies in the Philippines to choose from, depending on your budget and the type of coverage you want.

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