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travel insurance philippines

Traveling to other countries is always a fun experience. It lets you appreciate the tradition, culture and people of other nations. However, unexpected things can happen when traveling abroad. What if you figure in an accident that requires hospitalization, or if your baggage suddenly gets lost? It is a good thing that there are some companies that offer travel insurance Philippines.

Travel insurance in the Philippines should not be viewed as an unnecessary expense. Think of it as an appropriate safeguard in case of emergencies. Just for a minimal amount, you can be assured of a more hassle-free and fun trip.

Traveler Insurance in the Philippines

Some local airlines have already partnered up with travel insurance companies in the Philippines to offer their consumers the insurance while booking their flights. There are also independent travel insurance companies in the Philippines that can be tapped to make trips more stress-free, depending on your budgets and needs. Below are some of them.


This travel insurance Philippines from the company Malayan Insurance is offered by local low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air to its domestic and international passengers. It promises to give travelers a “worry-free” trip by giving a comprehensive insurance coverage benefit in case of personal accident or emergency medical treatment. This travel insurance covers the Philippines and other Cebu Pacific destinations in Asia. For a fee ranging from P280 to P650, this ensures immediate access to medical treatment in covered areas, and even follow-up care to guarantee full recovery.

Aside from medical care, this travel insurance also includes travel inconvenience benefits, such as assistance in recovering lost travel documents, in retrieving lost or delayed baggage, in getting compensation for cancelled or delayed flights, and even in the unlikely event of strikes and hijacking. To learn more about this travel insurance in the Philippines, visit their website.

Mapfre Insular

If you are looking for an experienced travel insurance company in the Philippines, then this one is a good option. Being a pioneer in insuring both domestic and international travels, this company knows how to provide superior travel insurance for passengers who might need comprehensive personal assistance during their trips. Its travel assistance services include expenses that may be incurred due to hospitalization, including doctors’ and medical fees and even surgeries. If the delivery of your baggage to your destination is delayed for six hours or more, this travel insurance will also cover expenses for clothing and toiletries you might buy. It also covers meals and accommodations of passengers whose flights are cancelled.

This travel insurance is so comprehensive that it will also cover the expenses you might include if you cause accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of another person during your trip. For more information about this travel insurance company in the Philippines, visit their website.

Pioneer Shop Travel Buddy

This travel insurance Philippines is perfect for those who want affordability. For as low as P100, you can already get a personal accident insurance for your domestic or international trip. It covers all the expenses that might be incurred in case of disability and dismemberment caused by an accident during your travel, and entitles an individual to up to a maximum benefit of P100,000.

Unlike other travel insurances in the Philippines, this one covers motorcycling accident. It also has an option called Travel Adventure Buddy which comes with a month-long coverage for hospitalization in case of accidents that may happen during more adventurous activities like bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, spelunking and windsurfing. So if you are into these extreme sports, visit their website to get to know more about this travel insurance.

Pacific Cross

When talking about reliable insurance for travel in the Philippines, the name of this company almost always pops up. It has three different travel insurance plans designed to cover expenses for unexpected events during trips, whether for leisure or on business. It offers medical coverage benefits in case of hospitalization, and worldwide emergency assistance in case of loss of travel documents or baggage, and also for delayed and cancelled flights.

What’s separate this travel insurance company in the Philippines apart from its competitors is its peso, dollar and euro plans, and can also be tapped for visa applications for Schengen countries. It also gives a choice between individual, family and group coverage. For more details on their travel insurance plans, visit their website.

Wideworld Insurance Agency Inc.

This travel insurance agency in the Philippines lives up to its name because of its wide array of countries where it can insure travelers. From the United States to European countries, this company gives individuals five options for travel insurance depending on their budget: classic, deluxe, Europe, premier and super affordable. These packages include medical benefits in case of accidents, personal total disability and even personal liability resulting in the injury of others.

It also covers round-the-clock medical assistance, including medical evacuation and repatriation. This travel insurance can also be relied on in case of cancelled or delayed flights, and baggage loss or damage. For more information on its offerings, visit their website.

To make your trips truly worry-free, make it a habit to check the options for travel insurance in the Philippines. As the popular saying goes, it is better safe than sorry.

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