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wedding ring in philippines

A dream wedding will not be complete without beautiful wedding rings. The important pieces of jewelry serve as testament to a couple’s eternal love and a constant reminder of their commitment to each other. It is essential therefore that these wedding rings are carefully chosen to fit the couple’s style and budget. Finding the perfect wedding ring in Philippines is not a difficult task at all. There are a good number of wedding ring stores in the Philippines that sell classic and timeless products—two very important qualities for a piece of jewelry that a couple will wear for the rest of their lives.

Diamond or Gold Wedding Ring in the Philippines

Here are a few suggestions for store that sells quality wedding rings in Philippines that you might want to check out before tying the knot. These stores can definitely help you out, depending on your preference and your budget, in your search for the best wedding ring that you and your partner will treasure for the rest of your life.

1. Karat Gold Philippines Inc.

Kerat Gold Philippines

A go-to shop for those looking for a gold wedding ring in Philippines is Karat Gold, which has been in the jewelry business for three decades now. It is known for its elegant assortment of plain gold and platinum rings. This shop has wedding rings made of 10-karat, 14-karat and 18-karat gold, with different designs for couples to choose from. For those on a budget, there are also affordable wedding rings made from white and yellow gold. Aside from wedding rings, Karat Gold also sells engagement rings and other accessories with quality jade, diamonds and pearls. To check out its line of products, visit its store on the third floor of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City or visit its website.

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2. Denovo Diamonds

Denovo Diamonds Philippines

Is design your primary consideration in searching for a wedding ring in Philippines? This shop is definitely the right fit for you. Denovo Diamonds has assembled an army of talented and creative artists from across the Philippines to create one-of-a-kind wedding ring designs. Some of these artists include Manila-based sculptor Leeroy New, furniture designer turned mixed media artist Jia Santos-Estrella and fashion designer Maureen Disini. The designs can go from plain matte wedding bands to rings embellished with 15 pieces of diamonds.

What’s good about this wedding ring shop is it encourages couples to go to its store in Makati City to have consultations so that the designers can recommend rings that fit their personalities. The shop’s website, also allows customers to customize their own rings.

3. Goldenhills Jewelry

Goldenhills Jewelry Philippines

Another trusted store for wedding bands in the Philippines is this one, which has branches in Manila, Quezon City, Mandaluyong City and even Pampanga province. It has a wide selection of wedding rings, from 14-karat and 18-karat ones to those made from white and yellow gold. They also have basic ones, and some with pieces of diamonds. What’s good about this shop is that it offers free consultations, engraving of names on the ring, and lifetime cleaning and resizing of the wedding bands. Visit their FB Page for more information.

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4. VGEM Jewelry

VGEM Jewelry Philippines

Do you want a wedding ring made in the Philippines that is unique and specially made for you and your partner? If that is the case, then head to Meycauayan town in Bulacan province an hour north of Metro Manila and find VGEM Jewelry. This wedding ring shop in the Philippines specializes in custom-made designs, and can accommodate all sorts of design requests from clients. If you want wedding rings with single bands or two bands or one with precious stones, they can do this.

This store has a catalog of wedding rings, but it encourages clients to give specs that suit them. With 35 years in the ring-making business, you can be assured that their products are high quality and made from the finest materials. Visit their FB Page for more information.

5. Matus Jewellery

Matus Jewellery Philippines

Looking for a shop that has a wide selection of wedding rings in Philippines? This shop, located in Mandaluyong City, is known for its variety of options for wedding rings. It has wedding bands made from different kinds of gold—white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. They also have single color rings, as well as two-toned and tricolor ones. Some also have diamonds for those who can shell out a little more extra money for embellishments. To see the gallery of their wedding ring designs, visit their Facebook page.

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6. Jewelry by Franco

Another store for wedding ring in Philippines that pride itself for their custom designs is this one located in Mandaluyong City. It promises its clients that the wedding rings it creates are “uniquely forever.” This store has all sorts of wedding ring designs, ranging from the simple round brilliant cut made from white gold and embellished with a small piece of diamond, to the more elaborate ones like one shaped like the eternity symbol and decorated with diamonds. Wedding rings from this shop come with the assurance that they are unique, amazing, handcrafted and of high quality. Visit their website or more information.

7. Suarez Wedding Rings

When it comes to quality wedding rings from the Philippines, Suarez is a name that can be trusted. It started out as a family business which grew to have wedding ring shops in Cebu and Metro Manila. This store’s wedding bands are guaranteed to be quality, handcrafted and can last a lifetime. It offers several designs, mostly made with gold and white gold, some with diamonds. All their rings come with lifetime warranties, so you can be assured that these products have no defects and are made from quality materials. This wedding ring shop also accepts orders for custom-made designs. You can visit their FB Page for more information.

Wedding rings are investments of a lifetime. It is important, therefore, that they are made from quality materials, and suit the budget and style of the couple. There is no shortage of stores that sell wedding rings in Philippines. These shops are all ready to assist you in making an important decision for an essential item on your wedding day.

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